The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) Online Exhibits explore a wide range of topics in Minnesota history and culture. These exhibits add historical context to our rich collections of digitized materials from contributors across the state. They provide an opportunity for visitors to discover and engage with the stories preserved in MDL.

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Founding Colleges and Universities

This exhibit highlights the early development of colleges and universities in Minnesota.

War Stories: Civil War

Learn how Minnesotans proved their worth to the country by fighting in the Civil War.

War Stories: Spanish-American War

Explore the words and images of Minnesotans who participated in this international conflict.

War Stories: World War I

Witness the service and sacrifice of Minnesotans who lived through the Great War.

War Stories: World War II

Meet some Minnesotans who joined the world in a fight against oppression and tyranny.

War Stories: Korean War

Experience the "Forgotten War" through the words and views of Minnesota veterans.

War Stories: Vietnam War

Learn about the consequences of a long war fought far from home against Communism.

George A. Newton: Visions of the North Country 1888-1920

This exhibit showcases the photography of George A. Newton, a photographer living and working in northeastern Minnesota from 1888 to 1899.

The Fires of 1918

Learn about the causes and effects of the worst natural disaster in Minnesota history.

Minnesota Immigrants: People on the Move

People have come to Minnesota from all over the world. Explore their stories for a broader view of the diversity of people who call Minnesota home.

Minnesota Immigrants: Immigrant Experiences

There is no one "immigrant experience" in Minnesota. Explore the many stories of those who came to Minnesota.

Minnesota Immigrants: Preserving Culture

Explore the cultural heritage of Minnesota's immigrants and how they have preserved their culture here.

Farm to Table

Food History in Minnesota

Explore the history of food and learn how it has shaped the growth of Minnesota in this online exhibit.

Minnesota Apples: Growing a Success Story

This exhibit explores the history of apple growing in Minnesota and traces the impact of early fruit breeding to today. Discover information about apple pioneers, apple varieties, apple orchards, and historic apple recipes.

Contributor's Choice 2024

More Favorites from the Digital Collections

Explore ten favorite items chosen by Minnesota Digital Library contributors.

Contributor's Choice 2023

Favorites from the Digital Collections

This exhibit features favorite items chosen by nine of the Minnesota Digital Library's contributing organizations.

History Day Resources

Learn how to create a National History Day project using Minnesota-based resources.

Quotable Minnesota

This exhibit contains a selection of quotes from Minnesota’s artists, authors, musicians, leaders, and other residents about their homes, lives, and community. Accompanied by images from the Minnesota Digital Library, the quotes provide a window into the Minnesota experience.