Farm to Table Food History in Minnesota


Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Or how different that might have looked 50 years ago? Or even 100?

Throughout human history, our lives have revolved around food. Eating food is a thing we all do, but what we eat and how we get it has changed drastically over time. At first, food was the focus for our survival. Then, food became a big business that contributed to the growth of the state of Minnesota itself. By tracing the history of food production in the state, you can easily see how food is central to related industries like agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

Food also means tradition, culture, memory, and even pleasure. It often carries deeper, more personal meaning. Many people share traditional recipes between generations and cross-culturally. Others stress the importance of meals at holidays and special events. Even simple suppers on a weeknight can become family traditions.

We invite you to explore this digital exhibit on food history—drawn from digitized materials of cultural heritage organizations all over the state—to learn the real meaning of "Farm to Table."

Rose dairy farm, Burnside, Minnesota
Odegard Peat Bog Farm, Princeton, Minnesota
Neighborhoods of Duluth: Hunter's Park, Hartley Field, Duluth, Minnesota

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