The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) Online Exhibits explore a wide range of topics in Minnesota history and culture. These exhibits add historical context to our rich collections of digitized materials from contributors across the state. They provide an opportunity for visitors to discover and engage with the stories preserved in MDL.

Start exploring the exhibits by selecting one from the list below.

War Stories: Civil War

Learn how Minnesotans proved their worth to the country by fighting in the Civil War.

War Stories: Spanish-American War

Explore the words and images of Minnesotans who participated in this international conflict.

War Stories: World War I

Witness the service and sacrifice of Minnesotans who lived through the Great War.

War Stories: World War II

Meet some Minnesotans who joined the world in a fight against oppression and tyranny.

War Stories: Korean War

Experience the "Forgotten War" through the words and views of Minnesota veterans.

War Stories: Vietnam War

Learn about the consequences of a long war fought far from home against Communism.