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51. Portrait of Anne Loomis North, Northfield, Minnesota

52. Rear of Pioneers Saw Mill at St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

53. Reception rooms (Teacher's Parlor) at St. Mary's Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

54. School room at St. Mary's Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

55. Edward D. Neill, founder and first President of Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

56. Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bosworth, Windom, Minnesota

57. Letter from M. J. Ross from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

58. Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. H. Z. Mitchell, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota

59. Scandia Baptist Church, Waconia, Minnesota

60. A. A. Zimmerman Hardware Store, Mankato, Minnesota

61. Adam Jefferson house, Mankato, Minnesota

62. Albert Schippel house, Mankato, Minnesota

63. Alice Pierce, Frank Merritt, Frank, George and Lillian in front of a house, Good Thunder, Minnesota

64. Dakota tawoonspe, wowapi II (Dakota lessons, book II)

65. Hunting the Buffalo in Winter

66. Indian Shooting Fish

67. Indian Woman Dressing a Buffalo Skin

68. Medicine Dance of the Winnebagoes

69. Men baling hay, Blue Earth County, Minnesota

70. Minnesota Year Book for 1851

71. Session Laws of the Territory of Minnesota passed by the Legislative Assembly at the session commencing Wednesday, January 1, 1851

72. View of St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

73. Fort Snelling, St. Paul, Minnesota

74. Ingjerd Mansson, mother of Swan J. Turnblad, Sweden

75. Olof Mansson, father of Swan J. Turnblad, Sweden