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58626. Young bishop, Springfield, Minnesota

58627. Young boy by river at Minneopa State Park

58628. Young boy in fancy shirt in front of house, clothes line, and two buggies, Springfield, Minnesota

58629. Young boy posing for picture in suit, Springfield, Minnesota

58630. Young boy talks with receptionist during football checkup, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, St. Paul, Minnesota

58631. Young children with farm animals, Minnesota

58632. Young child seated with a Native American woman, Springfield, Minnesota

58633. Young child standing in a snowy field with their dog, Minnesota

58634. Young couple picnicking outside, Minnesota

58635. Young couple with dog in canoe, Big Stone County, Minnesota

58636. Young girl dancing to the Charleston, Virginia, Minnesota

58637. Young girl holding flowers and wearing fancy dress and hat, Springfield, Minnesota

58638. Young girl holding flowers sitting on chair, Springfield, Minnesota

58639. Young girl holding wild flowers wearing flat hat, Springfield, Minnesota

58640. Young girl in a confirmation dress, Big Stone County, Minnesota

58641. Young girl in chair, Springfield, Minnesota

58642. Young girls by rowboats on dock and lake shore, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58643. Young girls holding a sheep, Franklin, Minnesota

58644. Young girl standing next to a car in winter, Franklin, Minnesota

58645. Young girls with a doll and buggy parade, St. Paul, Minnesota

58646. Young girl with freckles, Springfield, Minnesota

58647. Young Judea Auxiliary, St. Paul, Minnesota

58648. Young Judea Trailblazers basketball team, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58649. Young man and woman in a car with the top down, Minnesota

58650. Young man peeling potatoes at the Hachsharah farm, Anoka, Minnesota