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58626. St. John's Episcopal Church of Olivia, Minnesota

58627. St John's Episcopal Church, Beaver Falls, Minnesota

58628. St. John's Catholic Church of Morton, Minnesota

58629. St. John's Catholic Church, Morton, Minnesota

58630. St. John's Catholic Church , Morton, Minnesota

58631. St. John's Catholic Church, Hector, Minnesota

58632. St. Cornelia's Episcopal Church, Morton, Minnesota

58633. St. Cloud Hospital administrator, Sister Ethelbert Krenik, at Northwest Hospitals Convention, St. Cloud, Minnesota

58634. St. Anthony Falls in flood, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58635. Standard streetcar, Twin City Rapid Transit, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

58636. St. Agatha's Conservatory (first location), St. Paul, Minnesota

58637. Staff at Mudbaden Sulphur Springs, Jordan, Minnesota

58638. Spring Flooding of the Bottoms, Ortonville, Minnesota

58639. Spring day, Glenwood, Minnesota

58640. Some Facts about the Junior College at Rochester, Minnesota

58641. Social Ministry and Outreach Task Force, Unity Church Unitarian, St. Paul, Minnesota

58642. Social Concerns Group, Unity Church Unitarian, St. Paul, Minnesota

58643. Social Concerns Group at Unity Church Unitarian, St. Paul, Minnesota

58644. Site of St. Phillip's Catholic Church cemetery, Morton, Minnesota

58645. Sister Laura Hesch teaching Ojibwe children at Mille Lacs Indian Reservation, Minnesota

58646. Sister Laura Hesch, Order of St. Benedict, with her mission car at Mille Lacs Indian Reservation, Minnesota

58647. Shumaker Store, Dry Goods and Shoes, Ortonville, Minnesota

58648. Shumaker Dry Goods Store, Ortonville, Minnesota

58649. Shoveling out with supervision, Big Stone County, Minnesota

58650. Shoveling out, Big Stone County, Minnesota