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1. Endion Roundhouse, Duluth, Minnesota

2. Streetcar on Lake Street at Grand Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. City of Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota

4. Lake Street and Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. View of hillside from railroad spur, Duluth, Minnesota

6. Sisters and pupils at St. Henry's School, Perham, Minnesota

7. Map of West Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota

8. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range ore train at Spirit Mountain, Minnesota

9. Streetcar on Lake Street at 27th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

10. Streetcar on Girard Avenue and Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

11. Lake Street bridge, Minneapolis, Minnesota

12. Map of Duluth: Duluth-Superior Harbor Chart No. 966, Duluth, Minnesota

13. Ore docks at Two Harbors, Minnesota

14. Ore dock Number 1, Two Harbors, Minnesota

15. Fire tug "Torrent" in action Two Harbors, Minnesota

16. Duluth & Iron Range ore train starting out at Two Harbors, Minnesota

17. Cramer Quadrangle, Minnesota-Lake County, 1955: 15 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

18. Whyte Quadrangle, Minnesota-Lake County, 1953: 15 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

19. Sioux Pine Island Quadrangle, Minnesota-St. Louis County, 1956: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

20. Silver Bay Quadrangle, Minnesota-Lake County, 1954: 15 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

21. Finland Quadrangle, Minnesota - Lake County, 1956: 15 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

22. Biwabik Quadrangle, Minnesota-St. Louis County,1950: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

23. Biwabik NW Quadrangle, Minnesota - St. Louis County, 1950: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

24. Biwabik Northeast Quadrangle, Minnesota-St. Louis County, 1950: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

25. Stingy Lake Quadrangle, Minnesota, 1964: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map