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1. Mankato Historical Pageant, "Early Settlers and Ox-Drawn Wagon," Mankato, Minnesota

2. Mankato Historical Pageant, "Dance of Inspiration," Mankato, Minnesota

3. Mankato Historical Pageant, ox team and immigrant wagon, Mankato, Minnesota

4. Mankato Historical Pageant, Native Americans, Mankato, Minnesota

5. Mankato Historical Pageant, Spirit of Worship dance, Mankato, Minnesota

6. Mankato Historical Pageant depicting "Achievement," Mankato, Minnesota

7. Mankato Historical Pageant, Spirit of America Justice, Liberty, Fraternity, Oppurtunity, Mankato, Minnesota

8. Mankato Historical Pageant, wheat field in forest prairie dance, Mankato, Minnesota

9. Mankato Historical Pageant, "Dance of the Wheat Field," Mankato, Minnesota

10. Portarit of Ed and Lizzie Jones, Mankato, Minnesota

11. P. K. Johnson residence, Mankato, Minnesota

12. Portrait of J. Hub with his bicycle, Mankato, Minnesota

13. Mankato Historical Pageant, recreation of settlers in a covered wagon, Mankato, Minnesota

14. Indians standing in front of a building, Mankato, Minnesota

15. U. S. Post Office excavation, Mankato, Minnesota

16. Arrival celebration of first train on Alphabet Railroad, Cream, Minnesota

17. Mankato Stone Quarry, Mankato, Minnesota

18. Railroad wreck, near Garden City, Minnesota

19. Mouth of the Blue Earth River, Mankato, Minnesota

20. Mankato Stone Quarry, Mankato, Minnesota

21. Mankato Stone Quarry Obelisk for the World Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana

22. Adam Jefferson Quarry, Mankato, Minnesota

23. Railroad engine and water tank, Blue Earth County, Minnesota

24. C & NW Railroad Accident, Blue Earth County, Minnesota

25. Site of the Rapidan Dam before construction, Rapidan Township, Minnesota