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1. "A Birthright Restored" or County Opinion - What It Is and How It Will Work, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Abraham Lincoln Toni Kin Qa Aesop Towoyake Kin (Life of Abraham Lincoln and Aesop's Fables)

3. American Bible Society, On Woyakapi

4. An Appeal To Women, Food Thrift Series, Number 4, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

5. A New Crusade: Suggestions for More Effective Temperance Work Among the Young

6. A Study of Rochester Junior College, Rochester, Minnesota

7. Baldwin English and Classical Seminary pamphlet, St. Paul, Minnesota

8. Baldwin School, An English, Classical and Polytechnic School for Boys and Girls, St. Paul, Minnesota

9. Baldwin School Announcement for 1873-1874, Minneapolis, Minnesota

10. Baldwin School announcement for 1859, St. Paul, Minnesota

11. Baldwin School handbill for 1873 Summer and Fall terms, Minneapolis, Minnesota

12. Baldwin School of Macalester College announcement for 1881-82, Minneapolis, Minnesota

13. Burntside Lodge, Ely Minnesota

14. Burntside Lodge, with map, Ely, Minnesota

15. Business Men Prefer "No License," Minnesota

16. Camp Minnesota camp brochure, 1931, Grand Marais, Minnesota

17. Camp Minnesota, Grand Marais, Minnesota

18. Candi Token Wayusica

19. Champlin's Fishing Lodge, Ely, Minnesota

20. Come to Ambles at Amacoy Lake, Bruce, Wisconsin

21. Constitution et reglements de la Société de Temperance de la Paroisse St. Louis de St. Paul, Minnesota

22. Crescent Park Resort, Chetek, Wisconsin

23. Crimson Hue Resort, Chetek, Wisconsin

24. Dakota Wiwicawangapi Kin (Dakota Catechism)

25. Don't Vote To Kill Your Town, Minneapolis, Minnesota