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1. Winona Free Public Library, Bulletin Number Two, "Profit and Recreation for Busy People," Winona, Minnesota

2. Winona Free Public Library, Bulletin Number One, "Natural Science and Useful Arts," Winona, Minnesota

3. College of St. Scholastica Bulletin of the High School Department Villa Sancta Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota

4. College of Saint Scholastica Bulletin, Duluth, Minnesota

5. Bulletin Villa Sancta Scholastica College and Academy, Duluth, Minnesota

6. Our 1st year in the making of a significant Area Vocational Technical School, Hennepin County, Minnesota

7. Student Handbook, 1974-75, Suburban Hennepin County Area Vocational-Technical Centers, Hennepin County, Minnesota

8. Catalogue of Books (Stillwater Library Association, August, 1874), Stillwater, Minnesota

9. 1967-1968 Information Bulletin Southwest State College, Marshall, Minnesota

10. Alumni of the Stillwater High School, Stillwater, Minnesota

11. So, You're in College Now! Rochester Junior College, A Guide for Freshmen, 1951-1952, Rochester, Minnesota

12. Rochester Junior College, 35th Year, A Guide for Freshmen, 1950-1951, Rochester, Minnesota

13. Rochester Junior College, Freshmen Orientation, 1956, Rochester, Minnesota

14. Rochester Junior College, Freshmen Orientation, 1955, Rochester, Minnesota

15. Rochester Junior College, Freshmen Orientation, 1954, Rochester, Minnesota

16. Rochester Junior College, Freshmen Orientation Prepares for the Big Step, 1952, Rochester, Minnesota

17. The St. Cloud Normalia

18. The Normalia, 1900-03

19. The Normalia, 1900-04

20. The Normalia, 1900-05

21. The Normalia, 1900-11

22. The Normalia, 1901-01

23. The Normalia, 1901-11

24. The Normalia, 1901-05

25. The Normalia, 1902-01