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This exhibit contains most of the Korean War-related materials in the Minnesota Digital Library. True to its "Forgotten War" nickname, the Korean War is underrepresented in archives and historical collections. We encourage you to browse or search our collection to see what has been shared with us, and if your organization has something to contribute related to this war – please contact us!

For more information on the war, please check out these lists of additional resources.


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Korean War

War Stories Exhibit Series

Throughout history people have fought wars for control over land and resources. They have also fought to defend their homes and freedom, for an idea, or for political gain. Regardless of the reasons, wars have had a huge impact on American society.

The people who lived through these wars recorded their individual experiences through letters, diaries, photographs, video, and stories told over and over again. Together, these stories speak to the transformative effect of war on individuals – at times eye-opening and horrific, as well as inspiring. These personal experiences provide a glimpse of the service and sacrifice required during wartime, both abroad and on the home front.

Many of these stories can be found in the collections of the Minnesota Digital Library. We have highlighted a selection of them in an online exhibit series titled “War Stories.” Visit our other exhibits in this series using the links below:

Stephanie Hess, Exhibit Curator

Image Credits

The Minnesota Digital Library is grateful to our contributing organizations for sharing the primary sources highlighted in this exhibit, including the Hibbing Historical Society, Mille Lacs County Historical Society, Roseau County Historical Society, St. Cloud State University, and the Upper Midwest Jewish Archives. The photograph from the cease-fire section is from the National Archives and Records Administration.

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