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1. A.B. Cone Jewelry Store, Windom, Minnesota

2. A. C. Leafgren and family, Windom, Minnesota

3. A. C. Lund Cash Store in Windom, Minnesota

4. Aerial view of the Gust Youngren Farm, Dale Township, Minnesota

5. A Frosty Morning Sixth Avenue, Windom, Minnesota

6. Agnes E. Safley, First Supt [Superintendent] of County schools, Cottonwood County, Minnesota

7. Amo Co-op Farmer's Creamery in Amo, Minnesota

8. Amo Lutheran Church in Amo, Minnesota

9. Amo Methodist Church in Amo, Minnesota

10. Amo Township, Minnesota

11. A. Quevlis Store, Windom, Minnesota

12. Armory, Windom, Minnesota

13. Aron Schofield residence, Windom, Minnesota

14. Atlas of Cottonwood County Minnesota and the World, 1926

15. Auto racer, Windom, Minnesota

16. Avery Tractor, Cottonwood County, Minnesota

17. Baseball team, Windom, Minnesota

18. Bean Lake School, Westbrook, Minnesota

19. Belle Sogge and Arthur E. Johnson on their wedding day in Windom, Minnesota

20. Binder that was pulled by four horses, Amo, Minnesota

21. Breck School, Wilder, Minnesota

22. Brickyard in Windom, Minnesota

23. Brown family, Windom, Minnesota

24. Building road by horse power, Windom, Minnesota

25. Building road by horse power, Windom, Minnesota