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1. View of Duluth Harbor with steamship and sailing ship, Duluth, Minnesota

2. Constructing Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad, St. Louis County, Minnesota

3. Lake Superior and Mississippi railroad and dock under construction, Duluth, Minnesota

4. View of boats in Duluth Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

5. City of Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota

6. Grain elevator and Lake Superior & Mississippi Depot, Stillwater, Minnesota

7. Lake Superior and Mississippi freight depot, Duluth, Minnesota

8. Railroad trestle at Dalles of St. Louis River, Duluth, Minnesota

9. View of Rice's Point from Point of Rocks, Duluth, Minnesota

10. View of Superior Street looking east, Duluth, Minnesota

11. View of city and Minnesota Point, Duluth, Minnesota

12. Motor Line near Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota

13. Steam motor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

14. Streetcar on Marquette Avenue at 4th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Sisters and pupils at St. Henry's School, Perham, Minnesota

16. Horsecar barn on Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota

17. Horsecars, Duluth, Minnesota

18. Horsecars, Duluth, Minnesota

19. Horsecars on Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota

20. "Ella G. Stone" anchored in Burlington Bay, Two Harbors, Minnesota

21. Steamboat and Motor Line at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota

22. Tugboat "Ella G. Stone," Two Harbors, Minnesota

23. View of hillside from railroad spur, Duluth, Minnesota

24. Map of Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota

25. Steam motor on the Motor Line, Minneapolis, Minnesota