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58651. Aerial Bridge: Structural Details, End View, Part Side Elevation, Duluth, Minnesota

58652. Aerial bridge streetcar wye, Duluth, Minnesota

58653. Aerial Bridge: Strain Diagram, Duluth, Minnesota

58654. Aerial Bridge: Steamer Huronic Entering Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

58655. Aerial Bridge: Meet Us in Duluth July 22, 23, 24, 1911 Reception Committee

58656. Aerial Bridge: Marshall-Wells Hardware Company Duluth

58657. Aerial Bridge: Entrance To Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

58658. Aerial Bridge: Entrance To Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

58659. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

58660. Aerial Bridge, Duluth, Minnesota

58661. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

58662. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

58663. Aerial Bridge: Classroom blackboard at Bryant School, Duluth, Minnesota

58664. Aerial Bridge: Bird's Eye View of Duluth, Minnesota From Boulevard Drive

58665. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge Over Duluth-Superior Ship Canal, Duluth, Minnesota

58666. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge over Duluth-Superior ship canal, Duluth, Minnesota

58667. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge by night Duluth Superior harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

58668. Aelph Zedik Aelph gathering, St. Paul, Minnesota

58669. A. Ellingson's order, P. M. Mark Medicine Company, Fosston, Minnesota

58670. A.E. Evans peeling potatoes, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

58671. A.E. Evans, Macalester College student, St. Paul, Minnesota

58672. A. E. Clark Store, Westport Township, Minnesota

58673. Advertising streetcar, Minnesota

58674. Advertising streetcar, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58675. Advertising card for Mark's Original Extract of Cider with a handwritten liniment recipe on the back from P. M. Mark Medicine Company, Fosston, Minnesota