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26. John Bardwell property sale to Charles Bardwell, England

27. Bill of sale for Slye family slave, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

28. Dakotah Village

29. Valley of the St. Peters, Minnesota

30. Vow formula written by Mother Benedicta Riepp, OSB, foundress of the Bavarian branch of American Benedictine Sisters

31. Emigrants Attacked by the Comanches

32. Indian women Playing the Game of Plum Stones

33. Road Plat Book, Number 1, Washington County, Minnesota

34. St. Anthony Mini-Sotah Ter'y, St. Anthony, Minnesota

35. Message from the Governor of the Territory of Minnesota, to the first Legislative Assembly : September 4, 1849

36. Constitution of the United States

37. Rules of court Filed by the clerk in in [sic] open court...

38. Acts, Joint Resolutions and Memorials passed by the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota

39. Adam Jefferson Quarry, Mankato, Minnesota

40. Agricultural machinery in a field, Blue Earth County, Minnesota

41. Baptist Church, Mankato, Minnesota

42. Dakota Encampment

43. Dog Dance of the Dahcotas

44. Indian Sugar Camp

45. Scalp Dance of the Dakotas

46. Spearing Fish from a Canoe

47. Portrait of Anne Loomis North, Northfield, Minnesota

48. Rear of Pioneers Saw Mill at St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

49. Reception rooms (Teacher's Parlor) at St. Mary's Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

50. School room at St. Mary's Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota