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26. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway passenger depot at Proctor, Minnesota

27. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway passenger depot at Proctor, Minnesota

28. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range steam ore train wreck at Wyman, Minnesota

29. Duluth Missabe and Northern Railway depot at Munger, Minnesota

30. Aerial Lift Bridge: Union and Soo Line Depots, Duluth, Minnesota

31. Lake Superior Limited car card, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

32. View of Superior Street looking east, Duluth, Minnesota

33. Lake Superior and Mississippi railroad and dock under construction, Duluth, Minnesota

34. Rebuilding the Lake Street bridge near Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota

35. Streetcar on 3rd Avenue West at Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota

36. Streetcar on East 4th Street at Nemadji River bridge, Superior, Wisconsin

37. Streetcar at Rameley, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

38. Lake Superior and Mississippi freight depot, Duluth, Minnesota

39. Duluth and Iron Range Railroad wreck at Milepost Number 22, Larsmont, Minnesota

40. Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Depot, Saginaw, Minnesota

41. Aerial Lift Bridge: Aerial View of Aerial Bridge and Duluth From Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota

42. Duluth Elevator Company elevator number 3, Duluth, Minnesota

43. Streetcar on Superior Street at 2nd Avenue West, Duluth, Minnesota

44. View of city and Minnesota Point, Duluth, Minnesota

45. Fourtown Lake Quadrangle, Minnesota - Lake County, 1963: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) Map

46. Duluth (Minnesota)-Superior (Wisconsin): Twin Ports

47. Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota

48. Trolley bus loop at Superior Street and 24th Avenue East, Duluth, Minnesota

49. Superior Street station, Duluth, Minnesota

50. Map of Additions to the Superior National Forest, Minnesota by presidential proclamation, April 9, 1927