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1. Group on the lawn, Shakopee, Minnesota

2. Knights of Columbus Banquet, Shakopee, Minnesota

3. President William H. Taft at the Shakopee railroad depot, Shakopee, Minnesota

4. Wedding portrait of Bertha Vogel and John Lenzmeier, Shakopee, Minnesota

5. Interview with Dean Aarvig, World War II Veterans Collection, St. Cloud State University, Willmar, Minnesota

6. Davison's Pocket Map of Minneapolis, Minnesota

7. Abbott's Map of the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minn.

8. Davison's Pocket Map of Minneapolis

9. West Duluth Denfeld High School Site, Duluth, Minnesota

10. Interview with Sumaya Yusuf and Bibi Abdalla

11. Interview about Truffrey Abear, Brainerd, Minnesota

12. St. Cloud streetcar, St. Cloud, Minnesota

13. Interview with Kassel Abelson (1924 - ), Urban Exodus: St. Louis Park Oral History Project, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

14. Interview with Rabbi Kassel Abelson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Net Price Catalog 1905 Printers and Binders Manufacturing Stationers, Minneapolis, Minnesota

16. Interview with M. J. Abhishaker

17. Interview with Edie Abnet, A Measure of the Earth: An Oral History of the Potters of the St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota

18. Drawing for Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, Minnesota

19. Dentist ? Don't Move Somethin's got to Come This Time, Minneapolis, Minnesota

20. Grab the Ball Jimmy, I'll Wait for You Here, Minneapolis, Minnesota

21. On with the Dance, Let Joy Be Unconfined, Minneapolis, Minnesota

22. T'is Years Since Last We Met, Minneapolis, Minnesota

23. St. Raphael's Hospital I built in east St. Cloud, Minnesota

24. Compliments of A. C. & C. F. Peters, Minneapolis, Minnesota

25. New Years greeting card from Acme Cement Plaster, Minneapolis, Minnesota

26. Boat docks at Excelsior, Minnesota

27. A.C. Roebuck, Importer and Wholesale Dealer in Watches, Minneapolis, Minnesota

28. Interview about Samuel R. Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

29. Interview about George Washington Adair, West Brainerd, Minnesota

30. Interview with Robert William Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

31. Interview with Abdisalam Adam

32. Interview about Billy Fawcett, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

33. Abandoned brick house, site of Yellow Medicine Agency, near Granite Falls, Minnesota

34. Aftermath of the collapse of Eastman's Tunnel at St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

35. After the Great Hinckley Forest Fire, near St. Louis River above Fond du Lac, Minnesota

36. Alexander Faribault House, Faribault, Minnesota

37. American flag flying at Fort Snelling, St. Paul, Minnesota

38. Aquipaquetin Island from the river, near Onamia, Minnesota

39. Aquipaquetin Island, near Onamia, Minnesota

40. Aquipaquetin Island, near Onamia, Minnesota

41. Aquipaquetin Island, near Onamia, Minnesota

42. Arthur T. Adams at the site of the Dustin Family Massacre, Dakota War of 1862, near Howard Lake, Minnesota

43. Astor Trading Post, Fond du Lac, Duluth, Minnesota

44. Barn at the Yellow Medicine Agency, near Granite Falls, Minnesota

45. Basement of the Williamson's home, Pajutazze Mission, Granite Falls, Minnesota

46. Battle scarred house, New Ulm, Minnesota

47. Birch Coulee Mission House, Morton, Minnesota

48. Bishop H. B. Whipple Inscription on Memorial Tower, Faribault

49. Bishop Henry B Whipple Cathedral and Memorial Tower, Faribault

50. 300 block of Nicollett Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota