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1. Academy and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Mankato, Minnesota

2. Acrobats Four Flying Banvards, St. Peter, Minnesota

3. A Days Outing on Lake Washington, near St Peter, Minnesota

4. Adeline Nyberg and Marian Johnson, St. Peter, Minnesota

5. Administration Building, Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota

6. Administration Building under construction, Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota

7. Advertisement for Ben and Myrtle Huntley Entertainers featuring Howard Huntley, Winona, Minnesota

8. Advertisement for Senator Ole O. Sageng, Otter Tail County, Minnesota

9. A. E. Clark Store, Westport Township, Minnesota

10. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge and Canal, Duluth, Minnesota

11. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge by night Duluth Superior harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

12. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge Over Duluth-Superior Ship Canal, Duluth, Minnesota

13. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge over Duluth-Superior ship canal, Duluth, Minnesota

14. Aerial Bridge: Aerial Bridge Showing Car, Duluth, Minnesota

15. Aerial Bridge: An Aeroplane View Showing Entrance to Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

16. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

17. Aerial Bridge, Duluth, Minnesota

18. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

19. Aerial Bridge Duluth, Minnesota

20. Aerial Bridge: Entrance To Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

21. Aerial Bridge: Entrance To Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

22. Aerial Bridge: Marshall-Wells Hardware Company Duluth

23. Aerial Bridge: Meet Us in Duluth July 22, 23, 24, 1911 Reception Committee

24. Aerial Bridge: Steamer Huronic Entering Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

25. Aerial Bridge: U.S. Ship Canal Duluth, Minnesota