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1. Public Market Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Babcock and Elmer Band, Winona, Minnesota

3. View in and about Winona, Minnesota

4. Republican Building, Winona, Minnesota

5. Pickwick Mill and the Mill Pond, Pickwick, Minnesota

6. Glen Mill near Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

7. River bluff on the road to Homer, Minnesota

8. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

9. View from the bluffs, Trempealeau, Wisconsin

10. Pickwick Mill and the Mill Pond, Pickwick, Minnesota

11. Views in and about Winona, Minnesota

12. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

13. View from Garvin Heights, Winona, Minnesota

14. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

15. Coler Mill, Rochester, Minnesota

16. Suspension Bridge from the east, Minneapolis, Minnesota

17. Park Hotel of Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Minnesota

18. View of Nicollet Island, Minneapolis, Minnesota

19. St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

20. Mississippi River looking west from Stand Pipe, Winona, Minnesota

21. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

22. Bear Creek Valley, near Rollingstone, Minnesota

23. Sugar Loaf, Winona, Minnesota

24. Portrait of Lidia Youman-Wilson and John Wilson, Winona, Minnesota

25. Portrait of Lidia Youman-Wilson, Winona, Minnesota