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1. Young man and woman in a car with the top down, Minnesota

2. Young girl standing next to a car in winter, Franklin, Minnesota

3. Young girls holding a sheep, Franklin, Minnesota

4. Young couple picnicking outside, Minnesota

5. Young child standing in a snowy field with their dog, Minnesota

6. Young children with farm animals, Minnesota

7. Women in a canoe with a dog, Minnesota

8. Woman laying in a chair in the Rognlie library, Franklin, Minnesota

9. Woman in overalls, heels, and rubber gloves, Franklin, Minnesota

10. Woman in fur coat sitting on a pole outside the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

11. Woman hiding her face with hat, Minnesota

12. Woman being pushed in a cart, Minnesota

13. Wedding portrait of Ole Rølvaag and Jennie Berdahl, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

14. Wedding portrait of Gustav and Christine Eide, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Wedding portrait of Engebret E. Lobeck and Martha Nordby, Minneapolis, Minnesota

16. Village Hall, Fairfax, Minnesota

17. View of the Rognlie farm, Franklin, Minnesota

18. View of the Rølvaag cabin, Big Island Lake, Minnesota

19. Valhalla Lodge 51 marching in the Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

20. Two young women sitting on a fence, Franklin, Minnesota

21. Two young women in sailor dresses, Fairfax, Minnesota

22. Two young women in dresses hugging, Franklin, Minnesota

23. Two young boys with hats on their knees, Franklin, Minnesota

24. Two women looking at a book, Cooperstown, North Dakota

25. Two women holding up babies in the woods, Minnesota