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1. Young man and woman in a car with the top down, Minnesota

2. Young girl standing next to a car in winter, Franklin, Minnesota

3. Young girls holding a sheep, Franklin, Minnesota

4. Young couple picnicking outside, Minnesota

5. Young child standing in a snowy field with their dog, Minnesota

6. Young children with farm animals, Minnesota

7. Women in a canoe with a dog, Minnesota

8. Woman laying in a chair in the Rognlie library, Franklin, Minnesota

9. Woman in overalls, heels, and rubber gloves, Franklin, Minnesota

10. Woman in fur coat sitting on a pole outside the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

11. Woman hiding her face with hat, Minnesota

12. Woman being pushed in a cart, Minnesota

13. Wedding portrait of Ole Rølvaag and Jennie Berdahl, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

14. Wedding portrait of Gustav and Christine Eide, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Wedding portrait of Engebret E. Lobeck and Martha Nordby, Minneapolis, Minnesota

16. Village Hall, Fairfax, Minnesota

17. View of the Rognlie farm, Franklin, Minnesota

18. View of the Rølvaag cabin, Big Island Lake, Minnesota

19. Valhalla Lodge 51 marching in the Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

20. Two young women sitting on a fence, Franklin, Minnesota

21. Two young women in sailor dresses, Fairfax, Minnesota

22. Two young women in dresses hugging, Franklin, Minnesota

23. Two young boys with hats on their knees, Franklin, Minnesota

24. Two women looking at a book, Cooperstown, North Dakota

25. Two women holding up babies in the woods, Minnesota

26. Two women holding the collection of fish, Big Island Lake, Minnesota

27. Two women and a man sitting on a porch, Minnesota

28. Two men standing in a field with a dog, Franklin, Minnesota

29. Two men in suits standing outside a car, Minnesota

30. Two men in overalls, Franklin, Minnesota

31. Two men in hats standing outside a cars, Franklin, Minnesota

32. Two men in a covered buggy, Minnesota

33. Two men in a car during the winter at the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

34. Two men in a buggy with a folded top, near Franklin, Minnesota

35. Two men dressing up as brides, Franklin, Minnesota

36. Two adults driving a race car on the farm, Franklin, Minnesota

37. T.O. Hansen at Bode State Bank, Bode, Iowa

38. T.O. and Julia Hanson, California

39. Tillie Haugley and Mabel Hanson, Minnesota

40. Three young children with puppies, Franklin, Minnesota

41. Three women standing outside a car in winter, Zumbrota, Minnesota

42. Three women sitting outside with a man with megaphone, Red Wing, Minnesota

43. Three men sitting on a car with sign that reads "St. Olaf College Gospel Trio," Franklin, Minnesota

44. Three men sitting in the shade of a haystack, Minnesota

45. Three men in doughboy uniforms, Minnesota

46. Think After Ten Years Test One Town Had, The Other Had, Minnesota

47. "The Vikings on the Prairie," Ole E. Rølvaag radio address, Chicago, Illinois

48. The Truth and Some Statements of the Liquor Interests Side by Side, Minneapolis, Minnesota

49. The steam shovel work on M. & St. L. Railroad, Fairfax, Minnesota

50. The Rognlie Trio with instruments, Franklin, Minnesota

51. The Rognlie's standing outside the parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

52. The Rognlie family standing outside the church, Franklin, Minnesota

53. The Quarry, Merton, Minnesota

54. The President's Tribute to Norwegians, Decorah, Iowa

55. The Minnesota Dry Federation: Its Plans and Why It Was Organized, Minneapolis, Minnesota

56. The Lunde family, Zumbrota, Minnesota

57. The Lunde and Gullerud family, Zumbrota, Minnesota

58. The Key to the Liquor Problem in Questions and Answers, Minneapolis, Minnesota

59. The Anderson home at the Quarry, Merton, Minnesota

60. Telegram from Eugene Saxton to Ole Rølvaag, April 20, 1927, New York, New York

61. Summary of the annual report of Herberg H. Parish, administrative director of the United Temperance Movement of Minnesota, Incorporated

62. Studio portrait of a young boy with his hand on a chair, New Ulm, Minnesota

63. Stop! Read! Think! pamphlet, Minnesota

64. Stopped at an overlook, Minnesota

65. Stavanger Klubben marching in the Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

66. Statement of County Option by Hon. Seaborn Wright, Minneapolis, Minnesota

67. Snowball fight at the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

68. Selma Johnson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

69. Selma, Hannah, and Lena Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

70. School children standing outside the schoolhouse, Minnesota

71. Sangbog for Afholds-og Ungdomsmøter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

72. Rognlie sisters with a group outside the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

73. Rognlie parsonage, Fairfax, Minnesota

74. Rognlie family group picture, Franklin, Minnesota

75. Rognlie children standing by a rock, Franklin, Minnesota

76. Rølvaag family photograph album 1914-1920, Northfield, Minnesota

77. Rølvaag family photograph album 1924-1944, Northfield, Minnesota

78. Rev. Parelius Rognlie's wedding, Zumbrota, Minnesota

79. Rev. Parelius and Marie Rognlie standing outside in winter coats, Franklin, Minnesota

80. Rev. Nils Xavier and group drinking tea, Franklin, Minnesota

81. Rehearsal for an evening of enjoyment at a temperance meeting, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

82. Rasmus and Ingerid Ness standing outside, Fairfax, Minnesota

83. Post Office and National Bank Building, Fairfax, Minnesota

84. Postcard to Karen Berdahl with Jennie and Ole holding baby Olaf, Northfield, Minnesota

85. Postcard of the St. Olav Lodge of the International Organisation of Good Templars

86. Postcard of Heiberg Park, Twin Valley, Minnesota

87. Postcard of Andrew S. Sather, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

88. Portrait of two young girls with their dog, Minnesota

89. Portrait of two men in glasses, Minnesota

90. Portrait of three women, Franklin, Minnesota

91. Portrait of three unidentified men in hats, Minnesota

92. Portrait of the staff of Reform, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

93. Portrait of the Rognlie girls, Franklin, Minnesota

94. Portrait of the Nils H. Grande family, Granite Falls, Minnesota

95. Portrait of the Gullerud daughters with their children, Minnesota

96. Portrait of Severt and Anna Eidem's wedding party, Elk Point, South Dakota

97. Portrait of Reverend B.B. Haugen, Minneapolis, Minnesota

98. Portrait of Reverand Parelius Rognlie, Minneapolis, Minnesota

99. Portrait of Reverand Olaf Refsdal family, Chetek, Wisconsin

100. Portrait of Rev. B.B. Haugen, Minneapolis, Minnesota