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1. Letter from Ole Rølvaag to Ruth Lima McMahon, November 28, 1925, Chicago, Illinois

2. Letter from Lincoln Colcord to Nora Solum, November 3, 1937, Searsport, Maine

3. Letter from Nora Solum to Lincoln Colcord, November 8, 1937, Northfield, Minnesota

4. Members of Ren Dixon Post 191, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

5. Portrait of Nils P. Xavier, Chicago, Illinois

6. Formal family group portrait, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

7. Group outside Clear Lake Church, Sibley County, Minnesota

8. Officers of the local chapter of Templars of Temperance, Boston, Massachussets

9. Portrait of an unidentified older couple, Minnesota

10. Portrait of husband and wife with their seven children, Minnesota

11. Portrait of Peter Lauritz Carlsen, San Francisco, California

12. Portrait of three unidentified men in hats, Minnesota

13. T.O. Hansen at Bode State Bank, Bode, Iowa

14. Farewell party for Nils P. Xavier, Franklin, Minnesota

15. Ft. Ridgely and Dale Lutheran Church, Franklin, Minnesota

16. Portrait of Parelius Rognlie, Minneapolis, Minnesota

17. Portrait of Parelius Rognlie, Minnesota

18. Portrait of Reverand Parelius Rognlie, Minneapolis, Minnesota

19. Parelius and Marie's wedding reception, Franklin, Minnesota

20. Parelius and Martha's wedding reception, Franklin, Minnesota

21. Rev. Parelius Rognlie's wedding, Zumbrota, Minnesota

22. Leaders of the Wisconsin Totalafholdsselskab, Minneapolis, Minnesota

23. Ole E. Rølvaag's 1896 Immigration Diary from Donna, Norway to United States

24. Wedding portrait of Engebret E. Lobeck and Martha Nordby, Minneapolis, Minnesota

25. Portrait of Severt and Anna Eidem's wedding party, Elk Point, South Dakota

26. Don't Vote To Kill Your Town, Minneapolis, Minnesota

27. Dr. Grandall reading a book, Fairfax, Minnesota

28. Family sitting picnicking outside their house, Minnesota

29. Formal wedding portrait, Fairfax, Minnesota

30. Formal wedding portrait, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

31. Four women outside the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

32. Grandma Gullerud with her family, Zumbrota, Minnesota

33. Hannah Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

34. Iver and Nicoline Lunde sitting with two women, Zumbrota, Minnesota

35. John Bergley's house, Franklin, Minnesota

36. John Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

37. Julia Gullerud, Zumbrota, Minnesota

38. Julia Gullerud, Zumbrota, Minnesota

39. Karen Gullerud with a dog, Zumbrota, Minnesota

40. Knitting at Grandma Gullerud's house, Zumbrota, Minnesota

41. Lunde family gathering, Zumbrota, Minnesota

42. Martha, Katharina, and Parelius Rognlie with Anne Loftnes and Alfred Otnes outside the Rognlie parsonage, Franklin, Minnesota

43. Martha Rognlie outside the parsonage with her two children, Franklin, Minnesota

44. Parelius Rognlie family portrait, Renville County, Minnesota

45. Parelius Rognlie with man in uniform, Franklin, Minnesota

46. Portrait of a young man, Fairfax, Minnesota

47. Portrait of Hilda and Albert Grinder, Minnesota

48. Portrait of Julia Gullerud and two young women, St. Paul, Minnesota

49. Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hoimyr, Franklin, Minnesota

50. Portrait of the Gullerud daughters with their children, Minnesota

51. Portrait of the Nils H. Grande family, Granite Falls, Minnesota

52. Rev. Nils Xavier and group drinking tea, Franklin, Minnesota

53. Selma, Hannah, and Lena Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

54. Three men sitting in the shade of a haystack, Minnesota

55. Tillie Haugley and Mabel Hanson, Minnesota

56. Two men in overalls, Franklin, Minnesota

57. Two women looking at a book, Cooperstown, North Dakota

58. Two young boys with hats on their knees, Franklin, Minnesota

59. Postcard to Karen Berdahl with Jennie and Ole holding baby Olaf, Northfield, Minnesota

60. Wedding portrait of Gustav and Christine Eide, Minneapolis, Minnesota

61. Formal portrait of Ole Rølvaag graduating from St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

62. Lunde and Gullerud family gathering, near Zumbrota, Minnesota

63. Portrait of Gustav Eide, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

64. Postcard of the St. Olav Lodge of the International Organisation of Good Templars

65. T.O. and Julia Hanson, California

66. The Truth and Some Statements of the Liquor Interests Side by Side, Minneapolis, Minnesota

67. Wedding portrait of Ole Rølvaag and Jennie Berdahl, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

68. Daleyville Baseball team portrait, Daleyville, Wisconsin

69. Statement of County Option by Hon. Seaborn Wright, Minneapolis, Minnesota

70. Business Men Prefer "No License," Minnesota

71. Do You Want This to Happen to your Home? broadside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

72. Andrew and Karen Berdahl family portrait, South Dakota

73. Berg's Treshing Outfit, near Fairfax, Minnesota

74. Do You Want This In Your Town? Willmar Six Years Dry, Willmar, Minnesota

75. Esther, Alice, and Harold Lunde, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

76. Family sitting on the Gullerud porch, Zumbrota, Minnesota

77. Formal group portrait of five young children, Minnesota

78. Formal group wedding portrait, Minnesota

79. Fort Ridgely and Dale Church, Franklin, Minnesota

80. Go and listen to Gustav Eide broadside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

81. Gospel temperance meeting by P.I. Williams broadside, Minnesota

82. Group of men farming, near Fairfax, Minnesota

83. Group of men in hats sitting in a car decorated for a parade, Fairfax, Minnesota

84. Group of men threshing, Cottonwood, Minnesota

85. Group of men threshing, Minnesota

86. Group of young students and teachers in front of school house, Minnesota

87. Group portrait of members of the Norwegian American temperance movement, Minnesota

88. Group wedding portrait, Minnesota

89. Group wedding portrait, Minnesota

90. Iver and Nicoline Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

91. Leaders of the Norwegian-American Temperance movement, Minneapolis, Minnesota

92. Leaders of the Norwegian-American Temperance movement, Minnesota

93. Lena Lunde with her grandmother, Zumbrota, Minnesota

94. Man kneeling next to young kids, Fairfax, Minnesota

95. Man standing next to a goat, Minnesota

96. Members of the Citizen Band, Fairfax, Minnesota

97. Members of the Temperance district convention, Wisconsin

98. Men and women standing in front of farming equipment, Minnesota

99. O.S. Sneve family, Bookings, South Dakota

100. Parade down the street, Fairfax, Minnesota