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1. Address of President Coolidge before the Norwegian Centennial celebration, at Minnesota State Fairgrounds June 8, 1925

2. Don't Vote To Kill Your Town, Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. Statement of County Option by Hon. Seaborn Wright, Minneapolis, Minnesota

4. Think After Ten Years Test One Town Had, The Other Had, Minnesota

5. Business Men Prefer "No License," Minnesota

6. Do You Want This In Your Town? Willmar Six Years Dry, Willmar, Minnesota

7. The Key to the Liquor Problem in Questions and Answers, Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Summary of the annual report of Herberg H. Parish, administrative director of the United Temperance Movement of Minnesota, Incorporated

9. Stop! Read! Think! pamphlet, Minnesota

10. Engebret E. Lobeck Prohibition Candidate for Governor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

11. The Minnesota Dry Federation: Its Plans and Why It Was Organized, Minneapolis, Minnesota

12. Minnesota Avholdsselskap i kamp for "A Dry State," Minneapolis, Minnesota

13. Giants in the Earth preface draft

14. Letter from Lincoln Colcord to Ole Rølvaag, December 8, 1926, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Letter from Ole Rølvaag to Jennie Rølvaag, September 14, 1923, Northfield, Minnesota

16. Letter from Lincoln Colcord to Ole Rølvaag, December 19, 1928, New York City, New York

17. Letter from Herman Eschbach to Nora Solum, August 20, 1932, Grand Mound, Iowa

18. Memorandum and Manual of Information: Some Facts About the Liquor Situation in Minnesota

19. Letter from Lincoln Colcord to Ole Rølvaag, May 5, 1926, Minneapolis, Minnesota

20. The President's Tribute to Norwegians, Decorah, Iowa

21. "The Vikings on the Prairie," Ole E. Rølvaag radio address, Chicago, Illinois

22. Norwegian-American Centennial Cantata

23. Rølvaag family photograph album 1914-1920, Northfield, Minnesota

24. Norse-American Centennial souvenir booklet

25. Rølvaag family photograph album 1924-1944, Northfield, Minnesota