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1. Summary of the annual report of Herberg H. Parish, administrative director of the United Temperance Movement of Minnesota, Incorporated

2. Peter Myrvold family, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

3. Rehearsal for an evening of enjoyment at a temperance meeting, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

4. Memorandum and Manual of Information: Some Facts About the Liquor Situation in Minnesota

5. Telegram from Eugene Saxton to Ole Rølvaag, April 20, 1927, New York, New York

6. Group of men threshing, Cottonwood, Minnesota

7. "The Vikings on the Prairie," Ole E. Rølvaag radio address, Chicago, Illinois

8. Ole E. Rølvaag's 1896 Immigration Diary from Donna, Norway to United States

9. Letter from Ole Rølvaag to Ruth Lima McMahon, May 6, 1926, Northfield, Minnesota

10. Letter from Ole Rølvaag to Lincoln Colcord, January 1927, Northfield, Minnesota

11. Postcard to Karen Berdahl with Jennie and Ole holding baby Olaf, Northfield, Minnesota

12. Rølvaag family photograph album 1914-1920, Northfield, Minnesota

13. Rølvaag family photograph album 1924-1944, Northfield, Minnesota

14. Engebret E. Lobeck Prohibition Candidate for Governor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. Portrait of Reverend B.B. Haugen, Minneapolis, Minnesota

16. Portrait of Rev. B.B. Haugen, Minneapolis, Minnesota

17. Portrait of B.B. Haugan, Minneapolis, Minnesota

18. Goodtemplarordenens Konstitution, Minneapolis, Minnesota

19. Brides of the Pageant of the Northman, St. Paul, Minnesota

20. Norse-American Centennial souvenir booklet

21. Sangbog for Afholds-og Ungdomsmøter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

22. Minnesota Avholdsselskap i kamp for "A Dry State," Minneapolis, Minnesota

23. The Minnesota Dry Federation: Its Plans and Why It Was Organized, Minneapolis, Minnesota

24. The Truth and Some Statements of the Liquor Interests Side by Side, Minneapolis, Minnesota

25. The Key to the Liquor Problem in Questions and Answers, Minneapolis, Minnesota