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1. "A Birthright Restored" or County Opinion - What It Is and How It Will Work, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Abner and Julia Grender playing on the farm with their children, Franklin, Minnesota

3. Abner and Julia Grender with their children, Franklin, Minnesota

4. A car in the field with horses grazing around them, Franklin, Minnesota

5. Address of President Coolidge before the Norwegian Centennial celebration, at Minnesota State Fairgrounds June 8, 1925

6. Albert Johnson and Knute Nelson statues at the Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota

7. Alcohol blots! 3.2 beer contains alcohol enough to be dangerous! broadside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Alfred and Clayton standing in a field, Minnesota

9. Andrew and Karen Berdahl family portrait, South Dakota

10. A young Rognlie Trio with instruments, Franklin, Minnesota

11. Berg's Treshing Outfit, near Fairfax, Minnesota

12. Bjornstjerne Bjornson postcard, St. Paul, Minnesota

13. Boy Scout group marching in Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square,New York, New York

14. Boy Scout Troop 248 marching in Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

15. Bride holding her groom's arm, Clarkfield, Minnesota

16. Brides of the Pageant of the Northman, St. Paul, Minnesota

17. Bridge Square, Minneapolis, Minnesota

18. Business Men Prefer "No License," Minnesota

19. Cast of "Det Lykkelige Valg," Franklin, Minnesota

20. Cast of "Love Pirates of Hawaii" at Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Minnesota

21. Children grouped together in a line, Franklin, Minnesota

22. Children holding the Norwegian flag in Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

23. Children marching in Norse-American Centennial parade on 4th Avenue, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

24. Children standing on a car with a horse in the foreground, Franklin, Minnesota

25. Creamery and Depot, Fairfax, Minnesota

26. Crowd standing on a street corner watching the Norse-American Centennial parade, Leif Ericson Square, New York, New York

27. Daleyville Baseball team portrait, Daleyville, Wisconsin

28. Don't Vote To Kill Your Town, Minneapolis, Minnesota

29. Do You Want This In Your Town? Willmar Six Years Dry, Willmar, Minnesota

30. Do You Want This to Happen to your Home? broadside, Minneapolis, Minnesota

31. Dr. Grandall reading a book, Fairfax, Minnesota

32. East Main Street, Fairfax, Minnesota

33. Ella, Karl, and Paul Rølvaag holding hands

34. Engebret E. Lobeck Prohibition Candidate for Governor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

35. Esther, Alice, and Harold Lunde, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

36. Fairfax High School faculty, Fairfax, Minnesota

37. Fairfax High School faculty, Fairfax, Minnesota

38. Family members standing in front of their house, Minnesota

39. Family sitting on the Gullerud porch, Zumbrota, Minnesota

40. Family sitting picnicking outside their house, Minnesota

41. Farewell party for Nils P. Xavier, Franklin, Minnesota

42. Flour Mill, Fairfax, Minnesota

43. Formal family group portrait, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

44. Formal group portrait of five young children, Minnesota

45. Formal group wedding portrait, Minnesota

46. Formal portrait of Ole Rølvaag graduating from St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

47. Formal wedding portrait, Fairfax, Minnesota

48. Formal wedding portrait, Renville, Minnesota

49. Formal wedding portrait, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

50. Fort Ridgely and Dale Church, Franklin, Minnesota