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1. City Opera House, Bemidji, Minnesota

2. Home of Thomas Whipple, Goodhue County, Minnesota

3. Home of Peter Nelson, Red Wing, Minnesota

4. Postcard of Pine Island residences, Pine Island Township, Minnesota

5. Aerial view postcard, Zumbrota, Minnesota

6. Blake Hotel on Lake Carlos, Alexandria, Minnesota

7. Hotel Blake, Alexandria, Minnesota

8. Lobby, Hotel Blake, Alexandria, Minnesota

9. Blake Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

10. Hotel Blake at Three Havens, Alexandria, Minnesota

11. Hotel Blake at Three Haven's Alexandria, Minnesota.

12. Hotel Blake,Three Havens Alexandria, Minnesota

13. A pretty view at Blake's on Lake Carlos, Alexandria, Minnesota

14. Maryland Hotel and cottages, Alexandria, Minnesota

15. Maryland Hotel, Lake Mary, Alexandria, Minnesota

16. Scene at Maryland Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

17. Maryland Hotel Lake Mary, Alexandria, Minnesota

18. Geneva Beach Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

19. Geneva Beach Hotel lobby, Alexandria, Minnesota

20. Hotel Alexandria / Geneva Beach Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

21. Log cabin Lake View Point, Lake Ida, Garfield, Minnesota

22. Linwood Hotel, Lake Osakis, Minnesota

23. Rustic Bridge at Blake Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

24. Hotel Blake, Alexandria, Minnesota

25. Hotel Blake, Alexandria, Minnesota

26. Blake Hotel on Lake Carlos, Alexandria, Minnesota

27. Blake Hotel, Three Haven, Alexandria, Minnesota

28. Hotel Blake - Three Havens Alexandria, Minnesota

29. Blake Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

30. Blake Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

31. Geneva Beach Hotel Lake Geneva, Alexandria, Minnesota

32. Geneva Beach Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

33. Geneva Beach Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

34. Geneva Beach Hotel , Alexandria, Minnesota

35. Dickinson Inn, Lake Geneva, Alexandria, Minnesota

36. Geneva Beach Hotel on Lake Geneva, Alexandria, Minnesota

37. Hotel Alexandria / Geneva Beach Hotel, Alexandria, Minnesota

38. Bird's eye view, Carlton, Minnesota

39. Street scene, Granada, Minnesota

40. City's oldest house, Ceylon, Minnesota

41. Crystal Street, Lake Crystal, Minnesota

42. Bird's-eye view, Amboy, Minnesota

43. Claus Vosbeck residence, Mankato, Minnesota

44. Third and Jackson Street Scene, Mankato, Minnesota

45. 300 Block of Front Street looking north, Mankato, Minnesota

46. North Main Street looking east, Mapleton, Minnesota

47. Main Street, Good Thunder, Minnesota

48. Downtown Vernon Center, Minnesota

49. J. R. Brandrup residence, Mankato, Minnesota

50. John H. Barr residence, Mankato, Minnesota

51. Saulpaugh Hotel, Mankato, Minnesota

52. Bird's eye view, Mankato, Minnesota

53. U. S. Post Office, Mankato, Minnesota

54. U. S. Post Office, Mankato, Minnesota

55. Federal Building or Post Office, Duluth, Minnesota

56. Minneapolis Y. M. C. A. Central Branch, Minneapolis, Minnesota

57. James L. Gray residence, St. Cloud, Minnesota

58. F.H. Dam residence, interior, Fifth Avenue and Fourth Street South, St. Cloud, Minnesota

59. F. H. Dam residence, entryway, Fifth Avenue and Fourth Street South, St. Cloud, Minnesota

60. J. Andrew Bensen home, 702 Seventh Avenue South, St. Cloud, Minnesota

61. Tenny residence, near Richmond, Minnesota

62. Detached Ward, State Hospital for the Insane, St. Peter, Minnesota

63. Old Main, Winona Normal School's first building, Winona, Minnesota

64. Ogden Hall and Old Main building at Winona Normal School, Winona, Minnesota

65. Old Main at Winona Normal School, Winona, Minnesota

66. Ogden Hall at Winona Normal School, Winona, Minnesota

67. Ogden Hall Cornerstone ceremony at Winona Normal School, Winona, Minnesota

68. Ogden Hall construction at Winona Normal School with Old Main behind it, Winona, Minnesota

69. Exterior view of the E. A. Knowlton home, Rochester, Minnesota

70. John D. Ortman house, Morris, Minnesota

71. Lewis H. Stanton home, Morris, Minnesota

72. Theodore Barrett house, Morris, Minnesota

73. Torpey house, Morris, Minnesota

74. Bird's eye view, Morris, Minneosta

75. Bird's eye view, Morris, Minnesota

76. Bird's eye view, Hancock, Minnesota

77. Distant town view, Hancock, Minnesota

78. Bird's eye view to the north, Donnelly, Minnesota

79. Town view, Hancock, Minnesota

80. West Central School of Agriculture, Morris, Minnesota

81. Carnegie Library, Morris, Minnesota

82. C. N. Selland house, Morris, Minnesota

83. A. J. Maylott house, Morris, Minnesota

84. O. J. Hill house, Morris, Minnesota

85. Bird's eye view, Donnelly, Minnesota

86. Hill family house, Morris, Minnesota

87. Gorman Park, St. Peter, Minnesota

88. Home of Governor John A. Johnson, St. Peter, Minnesota

89. Stand pipe, St. Peter, Minnesota

90. Robert's Halfway House, Pelan, Minnesota

91. New building construction, Virginia, Minnesota

92. First National Bank of Virginia, Virginia, Minnesota

93. Columbia Hotel, Moorhead, Minnesota

94. Carnegie Library, Moorhead, Minnesota

95. Hannibal Bonvicin's house in winter, Hibbing, Minnesota

96. Burt Offices, northern Minnesota

97. Among the natives, northern Minnesota

98. Sweeney Camps, northern Minnesota

99. Judge Lorin Cray at the Toll House, Nashville, Tennessee

100. Construction of Case Building, Blue Earth County, Minnesota