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1. Edward "Ned" Opie, Ely, Minnesota

2. Edward "Ned" Opie, Ely, Minnesota

3. Edward "Ned" Opie, Ely, Minnesota

4. Ingjerd Mansson, mother of Swan J. Turnblad, Sweden

5. Olof Mansson, father of Swan J. Turnblad, Sweden

6. Parelius Rognlie with man in uniform, Franklin, Minnesota

7. Photographer William Opie, unknown location

8. Portrait of Anne Loomis North, Northfield, Minnesota

9. Portrait of an unidentified couple, Big Stone County, Minnesota

10. Portrait of an unidentified woman, Big Stone County, Minnesota

11. Portrait of John W. North, Northfield, Minnesota

12. Portrait of Ole Rigg, Sr. and Johanne Quam Rigg, Minnewaska Township, Minnesota

13. Portrait of Parelius Rognlie, Minnesota

14. Portrait of three unidentified men in hats, Minnesota

15. William Opie's brother Edward "Ned" Opie, unknown location

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