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26. Portrait of Ray T. Lewis, Mayor 1894-1895, Duluth, Minnesota

27. Portrait of Roland D. Haven, Mayor 1908-1909, Duluth, Minnesota

28. Portrait of Sidney Luce, Mayor 1872, Duluth, Minnesota

29. Portrait of Trevanion W. Hugo , Mayor 1900-1903, 1920, Duluth, Minnesota

30. Portrait of Wanda Gag, St. Paul, Minnesota

31. Portrait of William I. Prince, Mayor 1913-1917, Duluth, Minnesota

32. Self-portrait of Edgar F. Olson, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

33. Still life painting with Doughnuts, St. Paul, Minnesota

34. Still life painting with Layer Cake, St. Paul, Minnesota

35. Thomson Dam, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

36. "Tribe of Pezehkee" mural painting, Glenwood, Minnesota

37. Portrait of Samuel F. Snively, Mayor 1921-1937, Duluth, Minnesota

38. Winslow House and St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota