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26. Portrait of Emil Clifford Mork, Mayor 1959-1962, Duluth, Minnesota

27. Portrait of Edward Hatch, Mayor 1941-1945, Duluth, Minnesota

28. Portrait of Dr. John A. McCuen, Mayor 1912, Duluth, Minnesota

29. Portrait of Clarence R. Magney, Mayor 1917-1920, Duluth, Minnesota

30. Portrait of Charles D'Autremont, Jr., Mayor 1892-1893, Duluth, Minnesota

31. Portrait of Carl Rudolf Berghult, Mayor 1937-1941, Duluth, Minnesota

32. Portrait of Andreas Mitchell Miller, Mayor 1877, Village of Duluth, Minnesota

33. Palkie Gristmill, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

34. Norseland Lutheran Church, altar painting, Norseland, Minnesota

35. M-A-Quah E-Quay or "Bear Woman"

36. Kee-Neow, Nee-Bee or "Eagle Water"

37. First Pera Home in 1900, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

38. Apostolic Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota