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1. Norseland Lutheran Church, altar painting, Norseland, Minnesota

2. Winslow House and St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. "Tribe of Pezehkee" mural painting, Glenwood, Minnesota

4. Self-portrait of Edgar F. Olson, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

5. Palkie Gristmill, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

6. First Pera Home in 1900, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

7. Apostolic Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

8. Thomson Dam, Thomson Township, Carlton County, Minnesota

9. Still life painting with Layer Cake, St. Paul, Minnesota

10. Still life painting with Doughnuts, St. Paul, Minnesota

11. Portrait of Wanda Gag, St. Paul, Minnesota

12. Portrait of Clarence R. Magney, Mayor 1917-1920, Duluth, Minnesota

13. Portrait of William I. Prince, Mayor 1913-1917, Duluth, Minnesota

14. Portrait of Ray T. Lewis, Mayor 1894-1895, Duluth, Minnesota

15. Portrait of Henry Truelsen, Mayor 1896-1900, Duluth, Minnesota

16. Portrait of Edward Hatch, Mayor 1941-1945, Duluth, Minnesota

17. Portrait of Dr. John A. McCuen, Mayor 1912, Duluth, Minnesota

18. Portrait of Andreas Mitchell Miller, Mayor 1877, Village of Duluth, Minnesota

19. Portrait of Samuel F. Snively, Mayor 1921-1937, Duluth, Minnesota

20. Portrait of Joshua B. Culver, Mayor 1870-1871, 1883, Duluth, Minnesota

21. Portrait of Sidney Luce, Mayor 1872, Duluth, Minnesota

22. Portrait of Carl Rudolf Berghult, Mayor 1937-1941, Duluth, Minnesota

23. Portrait of John B. Sutphin, Mayor 1886-1889, Duluth, Minnesota

24. Portrait of Horace B. Moore, Mayor 1885, Duluth, Minnesota

25. Portrait of Josaiah Davis Ensign, Mayor 1881-1882, 1884, Duluth, Minnesota