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1. Interview about Truffrey Abear, Brainerd, Minnesota

2. Interview about Samuel R. Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

3. Interview about George Washington Adair, West Brainerd, Minnesota

4. Interview with Robert William Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

5. Interview about Billy Fawcett, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

6. Interview with Albert Akalbin, Timothy Township, Minnesota

7. Interview about L. J. Alberts, Deerwood, Minnesota

8. Interview about William H. Rosenkranz, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

9. Interview about Hugh Legare Allen, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

10. Interview with Mary E. Allen, Crosslake, Minnesota

11. Interview with Samuel Alston, Brainerd, Minnesota

12. Interview about J. B. Anderson, Cuyuna, Minnesota

13. Interview with Albert Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

14. Interview about Martin Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

15. Interview with Anton Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

16. Interview with Carl W. Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

17. Interview about J. P. Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

18. Interview about G. F. Anderson, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

19. Interview with Elmer G. Anderson, Crosby, Minnesota

20. Interview about Charles Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

21. Interview about Charles E. Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

22. Interview with Gustaf A. Anderson, Crosby, Minnesota

23. Interview with Henry Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

24. Interview with Herb Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

25. Interview about Peter Anderson, Crow Wing Township, Minnesota

26. Interview with L. J. Anderson, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

27. Interview about Ever Anderson, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

28. Interview with Martin Anderson, Sylvan Township, Minnesota

29. Interview with O. B. Anderson, Garrison, Minnesota

30. Interview with Ole Anderson, Daggett Brook Township Minnesota

31. Interview with Peter B. Anderson, Brainerd, Minnesota

32. Interview with Rollie Leroy Anderson, Emily, Minnesota

33. Interview with Samuel Anderson, Emily, Minnesota

34. Interview with Samuel H. Anderson, Emily, Minnesota

35. Interview with Theodore Anderson, Timothy Township, Minnesota

36. Interview about Anthony Andrews, Outing, Minnesota

37. Interview about Ernest Albert Andrews, Emily, Minnesota

38. Interview about Albert Angel, Brainerd, Minnesota

39. Interview with Jessie A. Archer, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

40. Interview about David Archibald, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

41. Interview with Edgar Archibald, Deerwood, Minnesota

42. Interview with Sofia Archibald, Deerwood, Minnesota

43. Interview about J. A. Arnold, Brainerd, Minnesota

44. Interview with Matilda Aspholm, Oak Lawn Township, Minnesota

45. Interview with Margaret L. Atherton, Brainerd, Minnesota

46. Interview with Floyd Atwater, Emily Township, Minnesota

47. Interview with James Atwater, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

48. Interview about Fred P. Atwood, Croslake, Minnesota

49. Interview with August Lueck, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

50. Interview with John Knutson Ausland, Rail Prairie, Minnesota

51. Interview about Clarence Lee Avery, Brainerd, Minnesota

52. Interview with Louise Awne, Ironton, Minnesota

53. Interview with Lyman Stedman Babcock, Brainerd, Minnesota

54. Interview about Alonzo and Augusta Everett, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

55. Interview about Oscar Eric Fillquist, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

56. Interview with Albert Backen, Brainerd, Minnesota

57. Interview with Willard Badeaux, Brainerd, Minnesota

58. Interview about Charles Frederick Bahma, Brainerd, Minnesota

59. Interview with Levi Bailey, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

60. Interview with Leslie Lynn Baker, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

61. Interview with Marvin V. Baker, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

62. Interview with William W. Bane, Brainerd, Minnesota

63. Interview with Ambrose Piere Baney, Brainerd, Minnesota

64. Interview with Benjamin Willard Barbeau, Brainerd, Minnesota

65. Interview with Ruth Barber, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

66. Interview with Elizabeth Barnett , Brainerd, Minnesota

67. Interview with Louise P. Barrett, Brainerd, Minnesota

68. Interview about Thomas Barrett, Baxter, Minnesota

69. Interview with William P. Bartsch, Brainerd, Minnesota

70. Interview about Perry Morton Everett, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

71. Interview with Abbie Everett Batchelder, Brainerd, Minnesota

72. Interview with Newton Bates, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

73. Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Earnes Beavers, Mission Township, Minnesota

74. Interview with John W. Beavers, Mission Township, Minnesota

75. Interview about Henry Goldsberry, Mission Township, Minnesota

76. Interview with Mrs. L. A. Bedall, Brainerd, Minnesota

77. Interview about Charles Bedore, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

78. Interview with Louis Bedore, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

79. Interview about Henry G. Behme, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

80. Interview with Benjamin Belanger, Riverton, Minnesota

81. Interview about Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bellmuth, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

82. Interview with Elizabeth Belongy, Brainerd, Minnesota

83. Interview with Dr. and Mrs. John Bemis, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

84. Interview with Birdie Benjamin, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

85. Interview about Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wolford, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

86. Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Benson, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

87. Interview with Iver Benson, Brainerd, Minnesota

88. Envelope of a letter to Peter Tema, dated April 22, 1944from Private First Class Arthur L. Bentzen, London, England

89. Letter to Peter Tema, dated April 22, 1944 from Private First Class Arthur L. Bentzen, London, England

90. Interview with Anton Berg, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

91. Interview about Carl Berg, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

92. Interview with Edwin Berg, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

93. Interview with Luther Berklund, Crow Wing Township, Minnesota

94. Interview about Phillip Wilson Bidwell, Brainerd, Minnesota

95. Interview with Fred W. Bierhaus, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

96. Interview about R. A. Biese, Brainerd, Minnesota

97. Interview about George W. Bisiar, Brainerd, Minnesota

98. Interview about George W. Stilwell, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

99. Interview about Bisson Family, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

100. Interview about Bisson Genealogy, Crow Wing County, Minnesota