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1. Young women snapping beans at Hachsharah farm in Anoka, Minnesota

2. Young people on the hay, Oshawa Township, Minnesota

3. Young man peeling potatoes at the Hachsharah farm, Anoka, Minnesota

4. Yahnke & Rausenberger threshing crew, Rosehill Township, Minnesota

5. World's Largest Egg Show, Worthington, Minnesota

6. World Famous in Breeding, Racing and Colts, International Stock Food Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

7. Working inside the Schweitzer Flax Plant, Windom, Minnesota

8. Working a potato field at John Bengston's farm, Princeton Township, Minnesota

9. Workers sharpening an axe at the Hachsharah in Anoka, Minnesota

10. Women farmers, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

11. Woman with two children feeding chickens, Springfield, Minnesota

12. Woman in her back yard, North Side, Minneapolis, Minnesota

13. Woman homesteader, northern Minnesota

14. Windmill, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota

15. Windmill construction, New Prague, Minnesota

16. William Piepenburg farm, Morris, Minnesota

17. William McMahill harvesting crew, Rapidan Township, Minnesota

18. William Mackintosh in his melon patch, Langdon, Minnesota

19. William J. Wigley farm, northeast of Lake Crystal, Minnesota

20. William and Jane Jones farm, Blue Earth County, Minnesota

21. Whitlock-Tiegs farm, Belle Plaine, Minnesota

22. Wheat stacks on J. O. Cowan's farm near Baudette, Minnesota

23. Wheatless Meals, Food Thrift Series, Number 5, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

24. Wheat fields at Silver Creek, Gudrid Township, Minnesota

25. W. H. Carey Harvesting with Samson Model M. Tractor, Storden, Minnesota