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1. Women in store, northern Minnesota

2. Woman homesteader, northern Minnesota

3. Winter scene, Underwood, Minnesota

4. Winter scene in the woods, northern Minnesota

5. Winter Scene, Flint Creek, Cook, Minnesota

6. Wilson Store & Residence, Maine, Minnesota

7. Wilson and Putman Cheese Factory, Maine, Minnesota

8. William Otrey's envelope, Washington, D.C.

9. William Boyle's sworn affidavit, Morrison County, Minnesota

10. Wild Rice River running through Button Farm, Hickson, North Dakota

11. Wergelands Monumentet i Island Park, Fargo, North Dakota

12. Water sports on Baudette Bay, Baudette, Minnesota

13. Water Sports at Dominion Day Celebration, Rainy River, Ontario, Canada

14. Water sports at Baudette, Minnesota

15. Water sports at Baudette, Minnesota

16. Vining Lutheran Church, Vining,. Minnesota

17. View on Otter Tail River, Wall Lake, Minnesota

18. View on Lake Clitherall, Minnesota

19. View on Flint Creek near Cook, Minnesota

20. View on Bass Lake, Underwood, Minnesota

21. View of the Little Fork River, Cook, Minnesota

22. View of Stewart Lake from Fox Park, Clitherall, Minnesota

23. View of East Battle Lake, Clitherall, Minnesota

24. View at Goodwills Summer Home on Lake Vermillion, Tower, Minnesota

25. View at Cook, Minnesota

26. View at Bass Lake, From Underwood, Minnesota

27. U. S. House of Representatives envelope, Washington, D.C.

28. U. S. House of Representatives envelope, Washington, D.C.

29. Unknown town, northern Minnesota

30. Underwood Co-op Creamery, Underwood, Minnesota

31. Two hunters with deer in a car, Minnesota

32. Two hunters in the forest near Rapid River, Minnesota

33. Two hours catch fo fish at Goodwills summer home, Lake Vermillion, Tower, Minnesota

34. Two children in front of a row of houses, Vining, Minnesota

35. Trees in a field, Cook, Minnesota

36. Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office, Civil War Pension notification form, Washington, D.C.

37. Train tracks along Bass Lake, Underwood, Minn.

38. Train depot in Underwood, Minnesota

39. Train at Vining Creek, Vining, Minnesota

40. Town view with railroad tracks, Wolverton, Minnesota

41. Town view with railroad tracks, Underwood, Minnesota

42. Town view with railroad tracks, Georgetown, Minnesota

43. Town view with grain elevator, Lithia, North Dakota

44. Town view with grain elevator and railroad station, Wendell, Minnesota

45. Town view, White Earth, Minnesota

46. Town view, White Earth, Minnesota

47. Town view, Wall Lake, Minnesota

48. Town view, Vining, Minnesota

49. Town view, Underwood, Minnesota

50. Town view, Proctor, Minnesota

51. Town view, Phelps, Minnesota

52. Town view, Phelps, Minnesota

53. Town view, Norcross, Minnesota

54. Town view, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

55. Town view, Cook, Minnesota

56. Town view, Cook, Minnesota

57. Torn piece of a document, Washington, D.C.

58. Threshing scene, Vining, Minnesota

59. Threshing scene, Christine, North Dakota

60. Threshing at Wolverton, Minnesota

61. Three Weeks after the fire, Baudette, Minnesota

62. Thomas Bjornaas on a motorcycle, Minnesota

63. Thomas Bjornaas, Ed Olson, and Bjornstad children, Minnesota

64. Thomas Bjornaas and Conrad Nes, Minnesota

65. Thomas Bjornaas and Conrad Nes, Minnesota

66. The Rapids on the Rice River, Angora, Minnesota

67. The Rapids on Little Fork River, Cook, Minnesota

68. The Pioneer Limited, Cook, Minnesota

69. Theodore F. Ostrander's Civil War pension application, Knoxville, Tennessee

70. The Little Fork River rapids, Cook, Minnesota

71. The Largest Rock in Otter Tail County, Tordenskjold Township, Minnesota

72. Sylvan Border Farm, Underwood, Minnesota

73. Sunset at Engler's Mill, Baudette, Minnesota

74. Sunnyside resort near Vining, Minnesota

75. Suffragette wagon, northern Minnesota

76. Sturgeon fishing on Lake of the Woods, Baudette, Minnesota

77. Stripping Northern Pike at a creek, northern Minnesota

78. Street scene, Underwood, Minnesota

79. Street scene, Underwood, Minnesota

80. Street scene, Underwood, Minnesota

81. Street scene, Rustad, Minnesota

82. Street scene, Hickson, North Dakota

83. Street scene, Cook, Minnesota

84. Stores in Underwood, Minnesota

85. St. Johns Catholic Church, Georgetown, Minnesota

86. Steam powered tractor outside of the J. I. Case Company, Fargo, North Dakota

87. 51st Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 2484, Washington, D.C.

88. State Bank and Creamery, Georgetown, Minnesota

89. Small walking bridge over a lake, Vining, Minnesota

90. Sioux Indian Camp, White Earth, Minnesota

91. Shirley Cottage, Stewart Lake, Clitherall, Minnesota

92. Seven men with bicycles, northern Minnesota

93. School teacher, northern Minnesota

94. School room, Otter Tail County, Minnesota

95. Scene on Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

96. "Sally" at Goodwills Summer Home Dock, Lake Vermillion, Tower, Minnesota

97. Ruins of the City Light Station, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

98. Ruins of City Light Station, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

99. R.R. Timber Co.'s Store on Rapid River, Minnesota

100. Row of motorcycles, Minnesota