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1. Two young boys with hats on their knees, Franklin, Minnesota

2. Two women looking at a book, Cooperstown, North Dakota

3. Two men in overalls, Franklin, Minnesota

4. Tillie Haugley and Mabel Hanson, Minnesota

5. Three men sitting in the shade of a haystack, Minnesota

6. Selma, Hannah, and Lena Lunde, Zumbrota, Minnesota

7. Rev. Nils Xavier and group drinking tea, Franklin, Minnesota

8. Portrait of the Nils H. Grande family, Granite Falls, Minnesota

9. Portrait of the Gullerud daughters with their children, Minnesota

10. Portrait of Mrs. Twist, St. Peter, Minnesota

11. Portrait of Mrs. Charles Jackson, St. Peter, Minnesota

12. Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hoimyr, Franklin, Minnesota

13. Portrait of Lillian Turnblad, on right, with her cousin Brita Jonsson, Sweden

14. Portrait of Julia Gullerud and two young women, St. Paul, Minnesota

15. Portrait of James Clark and his dog, St. Peter, Minnesota

16. Portrait of Hilda and Albert Grinder, Minnesota

17. Portrait of Haakon Bjornaas, northern Minnesota

18. Portrait of George S. Innis and family, St. Paul, Minnesota

19. Portrait of Frederic A. Donahower, St. Peter, Minnesota

20. Portrait of Dr. Asa W. Daniels, St. Peter, Minnesota

21. Portrait of Daniel Buck, Mankato, Minnesota

22. Portrait of a young man, Fairfax, Minnesota

23. Portrait of Aurora Holcombe, Miss Holen and nuns, Stillwater, Minnesota

24. Parelius Rognlie with man in uniform, Franklin, Minnesota

25. Parelius Rognlie family portrait, Renville County, Minnesota