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1. Interview about Truffrey Abear, Brainerd, Minnesota

2. Interview about Samuel R. Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

3. Interview about George Washington Adair, West Brainerd, Minnesota

4. Interview with Robert William Adair, Brainerd, Minnesota

5. Interview about Billy Fawcett, Crow Wing County, Minnesota

6. Alexander Faribault House, Faribault, Minnesota

7. Bishop H. B. Whipple Inscription on Memorial Tower, Faribault

8. Forest Fire Victims' Monument, Hinckley, Minnesota

9. Grave of Jacob Fjelde, Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

10. Grave of James W. Lynd, Redwood Agency, Morton, Minnesota

11. Harold Adam and Allen Hutchins walking through Norway Pines, Star Island, Cass Lake, Minnesota

12. Home of Alexis Bailly House, early fur trader, Wabasha, Minnesota

13. Johnson Monument in front of the State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota

14. Joseph R. Brown House, Henderson, Minnesota

15. Joseph R. Brown's grave and monument, Henderson, Minnesota

16. Joseph R. Brown's stone house, Henderson, Minnesota

17. Joseph R. Brown's stone house, near Sacred Heart, Minnesota

18. Judson Jones' Grave at Beaver Dam near Elysian, Minnesota

19. Mill explosion monument, Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

20. Monuments to Francis, Bradstreet and mill explosion victims, Minneapolis, Minnesota

21. Monument to Charles E. Flandreau, New Ulm, Minnesota

22. Monument to the Hinckley Forest Fire, Hinckley, Minnesota

23. Mrs. Lucy Hebbard, survivor of the Dakota War of 1862, Minnesota

24. Nancy McClure standing at the site of Traverse des Sioux Treaty, Nicollet County, Minnesota

25. Newton H. Winchell grave, Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

26. Newton H. Winchell marker located at west end of Cappelan Bridge, University of Minnesota campus, Minneapolis, Minnesota

27. Portrait Captain Willard Glazier of Minnesota

28. Portrait Joseph Renshaw Brown, founder of Henderson, Minnesota

29. Portrait of Alexander Winchell of Minnesota

30. Portrait of Alexis Bailly (1798-1861), fur trader, Wabasha, Minnesota

31. Portrait of Alfred DeLong, military scout at Battle of Acton, Dakota War of 1862, Minnesota

32. Portrait of Anson Northrup, steamboat captain on the Red River, Minnesota

33. Portrait of architect Cass Gilbert, St. Paul, Minnesota

34. Portrait of architect Leroy S. Buffington, Minneapolis, Minnesota

35. Portrait of Ard Godfrey of Minnesota

36. Portrait of Benjamin Sulte, Canadian historian and author of "Radisson in the Northwest"

37. Portrait of Bishop Henry B. Whipple, Minnesota

38. Portrait of Captain Theodore G. Carter, St. Peter, Minnesota

39. Portrait of Cassie, Monnie Mix and Ellen Brown, Henderson, Minnesota

40. Portrait of Charles E. Flandreau, New Ulm, Minnesota

41. Portrait of Colonel John H. Stevens, Minneapolis, Minnesota

42. Portrait of Colonel John H. Stevens, Minneapolis, Minnesota

43. Portrait of Colonel William Colvill, Cannon Falls, Minnesota

44. Portrait of Cornelia Whipple, Faribault, Minnesota

45. Portrait of Cyrus Northrup, second president of University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

46. Portrait of Dr. Warren Upham, author of "Minnesota Place Names: A Geographical Encyclopeida"

47. Portrait of Edward A. Bromley, Minneapolis, Minnesota

48. Portrait of Elizabeth Ayer, Minnesota missionary

49. Portrait of Frank James, member of the James-Younger Gang

50. Portrait of General Israel Garrard of Frontenac, Minnesota

51. Portrait of General James Shields, Minnesota Senator

52. Portrait of General William G. Le Duc, Hastings, Minnesota

53. Portrait of George Olds, Granite Falls, Minnesota

54. Portrait of Governor John S. Pillsbury, Minneapolis, Minnesota

55. Portrait of Henry Colin Campbell, Minnesota

56. Portrait of Henry H. Sibley, first Minnesota Governor

57. Portrait of Henry H. Sibley, first Minnesota Governor

58. Portrait of Henry R. Schoolcraft in Minnesota

59. Portrait of Ignatius Donnelly, Nininger, Minnesota

60. Portrait of Jacob Fjelde, Minneapolis, Minnesota

61. Portrait of Jacob Vandenberg Brower of Minnesota

62. Portrait of James Clark, Elysian, Minnesota

63. Portrait of James J. Hill, St. Paul, Minnesota

64. Portrait of James "Jim" Hardin Younger, member of the James-Younger Gang

65. Portrait of James Lloyd Breck (1818-1876), Missionary at Gull Lake, Minnesota

66. Portrait of James M. Goodhue, Minnesota Territory

67. Portrait of James W. Lynd, Redwood Agency, Morton, Minnesota

68. Portrait of Jean Baptiste Faribault, Faribault, Minnesota

69. Portrait of Julius Chambers of Minnesota

70. Portrait of Julius Dorsey, Pine City, Minnesota

71. Portrait of Leonidas Merritt, discovered Mesaba Iron deposits, Minnesota

72. Portrait of LeRoy S. Buffington, Minneapolis, Minnesota

73. Portrait of LeRoy S. Buffington, Minneapolis, Minnesota

74. Portrait of Levi M. Stewart, Minneapolis, Minnesota

75. Portrait of Luther G. Rogers, Waterville, Minnesota

76. Portrait of Maria L. Sanford, University of Minnesota faculty, Minneapolis, Minnesota

77. Portrait of Mary Schwandt and Snana (Maggie Brass), Renville County, Minnesota

78. Portrait of Michael J. Dowling, Renville, Minnesota

79. Portrait of Mr. Stephen R. Riggs and Mrs. Mary Ann Longley Riggs, Minnesota

80. Portrait of Newton H. Winchell, Minnesota State Geologist

81. Portrait of Norman W. Kittson, St. Paul, Minnesota

82. Portrait of O.B. Lewis, St. Paul, Minnesota

83. Portrait of Old Bets, Kaposia, Minnesota

84. Portrait of Peter Gideon, originator of "Wealthy" apple, Excelsior, Minnesota

85. Portrait of Reverend Edward D. Neill, early minister and state historian of Minnesota

86. Portrait of Reverend Samuel Dutton Hinman, missionary at the Lower Sioux Agency, Minnesota

87. Portrait of Richard Sears, founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company, born in Stewartville, Minnesota

88. Portrait of Robert "Bob" Edwing Younger, a member of the James-Younger Gang

89. Portrait of Samuel J. Brown, Minnesota

90. Portrait of Thomas B. Walker, Minneapolis, Minnesota

91. Portrait of Thomas "Cole" Younger, member of the James-Younger Gang

92. Portrait of Thomas Lowry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

93. Portrait of Timothy Sheehan, commanding officer at Fort Ridgley, Dakota War of 1862, Minnesota

94. Portrait of William Boutwell missionary to the Ojibwe on Leech Lake, Cass County, Minnesota

95. Portrait of William D. Washburn, Minneapolis, Minnesota

96. Portrait of William Watts Folwell in his study, Minneapolis, Minnesota

97. Portraits of Bob and Jim Younger, members of the James-Younger Gang

98. Rand family graves, Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

99. Relocation of the Stevens House, Minneapolis, Minnesota

100. Ruins of Joseph R. Brown Trading Post, Point Douglas